Neil Spencer Bruce - Guitarist, Sound Designer and Composer


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    Neil is a guitarist, sound designer, composer and educator, based in Manchester. He is available for guitar and music technology tuition, session & dep work, bespoke composition and sound design projects.

    On the site you will find guitar lessons, gear reviews, and also inner reflection on the nature of what it is to be a creative.

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    Light B4 Sound

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    Neil is available for session and dep guitar work throughout the North West of England and Worldwide.

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    Due to circumstances beyond my control, there hasn’t been much activity on my website for a little while. Hopefully, some of the issues are starting […]

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    After a busy couple of days, North & South duo have put together a few new performance videos for your viewing pleasure, and you can […]

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    So the update to version 2 for the Boss GT-100 has been released. It is a relatively straight forward procedure to update the unit, and […]

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