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Manchester based guitarist, Neil is an in demand professional guitarist, composer, sound designer, producer/engineer and educator.

Throughout his varied career, Neil has bridged the gap between creativity and technology. As such, he is in continual demand for his skills and ability to make things happen.

Neil has been playing for over 30 years, has gigged around the world and has had his guitar playing featured on numerous recordings, TV and film and corporate jingles. He writes and films guitar lessons and gear reviews and has also published a book on creativity and guitar playing, entitled Guitar Creativity | A new way of thinking.

Neil has released several albums under the name ‘Light B4 Sound’, his music and sound design has been featured on numerous films, TV, computer games and other platforms.

Neil lectures at a number of Universities in the UK, provides masterclasses for various organisations and private tuition, in person or via Skype.

On the site you will find guitar lessons, gear reviews, and also inner reflection on the nature of what it is to be a creative.

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Professional guitarist available for recording sessions, tours, dep gigs, online recording and band projects.

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A recording engineer or producer for your music project.




Recent Blog Articles

Pond 5 Royalty Free Content

SharePond 5 Marketplace for Creativity I thought it was time to do a blog post on Pond Pond 5 is an online repository for royalty free photography, music, sound effects, and footage (well to be honest, you name it!) and a great resource for an creative person looking for a creative element for their project which that haven’t been able to source. Royalty Free So, why am I blogging about this? Well, I have to be honest….it is a little bit of self interest really as I have a fair amount of content on the site, so I thought I would bring awareness to the great site via my blog. You can visit my profile here and check out some of the material I have on offer. I am primarily producing audio content both music and sound design elements suitable for film, corporate videos, computer games etc, but there are some film clips and photography from my previous career! If you are looking for some music for your project then why not have a look, of course if you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact me and we can discuss the benefits of creating your own bespoke soundtrack or sound design elements. That is what I am here for. I am producing new material all the time, so do check back if you are looking for some stock material. Enjoy Peace Neil... read more

Standback Stand Review

ShareThe Amazing Standback Stand Review Wow, just wow and wow again! The Standback stand is just one of those things that comes into your life and you wonder where the hell it has been all your life, and crucially why no one has made one before?? It is simply brilliant in it’s simplicity and it is without probably one of the best guitar products I have ever brought!! All Stand The premise is simple, most guitarists are know for being LOUD and dominating the stage (as of course we should be 😉 ) but in real world situations this isn’t a good thing and you end up upsetting a lot of sound engineers. The primary reason for a lot of guitarists being so loud is that they have their amps flat on the floor pointing directly at their legs (and the front row of the audience when on a stage), so a large part of the amps sonic projection (and tone) is going towards the back of a pair of legs in jeans and a front row of an audience wincing at the loudness and the high frequency offerings of the amp. So one solution has always been to tilt the amp back. It isn’t really a solution, but something that I think most guitarists should ultimately do. Why? because you will instantly realise how loud you are, and also more importantly be able to hear yourself better and crucially dial in yourr tone correctly (i.e. not over compensate for lost highs and mids). Tilting also decouples the amp mostly from the floor, so you will get a more... read more

HotCovers Cover for Fender Deluxe Reverb Review

ShareHotCovers 600 Denier Cover for Fender Deluxe Reverb When we have things we love, we always want to do whatever we can to protect them! With any piece of gear, be it musical or otherwise, using it in a working context can put it at great risk from not just bumps and bangs but all manner of other enviormental factors. Gigging is one area where gear gets severely tested, not just during a performance, but afterwards, especially when you are in a hurry to load out of a venue at 1.30 in the morning. Of course, if you are on tour then most gear would be at home in flight cases, and on the whole I tend to opt for flight cases for everything. So why am I not writing a flight case review now? Well, the only downside of a flightcase is that they can add considerable weight to any item by their very nature of being big strong cases! When thinking about flightcasing an amp, you have to bare in mind that this may double it’s weight! which is find if you have a roadie to help you manage the beast, but not so good when you are getting home at 4am and having to carry the amp up four flights of stairs by yourself. So, one option is no protection (now kids you all should have had the lesson that you should always wear protection right?) and if you take this option, you will find that your beloved piece of gear will start looking very shabby very soon, let alone start suffering from GTD’s (gear transmitted... read more

Guitar Creativity – A new way of thinking

This book doesn’t teach you or tell you how to play the guitar, it isn’t full of exercises or techniques. Instead, it is a holistic approach to helping you develop your own, unique voice on the instrument. Guiding you to develop your creativity, personality and connection with the instrument.

We live in an age of unparalleled access to information and we are witnessing an incredible upsurge in talented musicians, yet very few are making into the the fabled realm of guitar god. This book aims to help you, not only improve your playing, but how to be more effective in your practising and learning, as well as most importantly become the unique guitar god you are destined to be. FIND OUT MORE

“I fully recommend this to any serious musician and will personally be teaching some of these concepts to my local guitar students. Thank you Neil for writing this great book” Joel Moesker

Guitar Teacher, Netherlands

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“Through his recordings, Neil Spencer Bruce explores various influences including Brian Eno and Trent Reznor, synthesising the mood and tone of their music to create an individual sonic footprint.” Music Review Unsigned

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