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Guitar Creativity

Neil’s new book on a unique approach to guitar tuition and creative development.
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“Through his recordings, Neil Spencer Bruce explores various influences including Brian Eno and Trent Reznor, synthesising the mood and tone of their music to create an individual sonic footprint.” Music Review Unsigned

About Neil

Neil is a guitarist, sound designer, composer and educator, based in Manchester. He is available for guitar and music technology tuitionsession & dep work, bespoke composition and sound design projects.

On the site you will find guitar lessons, gear reviews, and also inner reflection on the nature of what it is to be a creative.


Neil is available for session and dep guitar work throughout the North West of England and Worldwide.



Light B4 Sound

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Guitar Creativity

Neil’s new book, Guitar Creativity – A new way of thinking, focuses not only on a unique approach to finding your own voice on the guitar but also on way to develop and nurture creativity. Currently available from Amazon

Performance and Sessions

Are you looking for :

  • a guitarist? For a project, tour, dep gig, recording session?
  • guitar lessons?
  • be-spoke music or composition?
  • expert tuition on from composing, sound design to producing digital content for your business?

Then I’d be happy to help, you achieve your goals and ambitions.

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This book doesn’t teach you or tell you how to play the guitar, it isn’t full of exercises or techniques. Instead, it is a holistic approach to helping you develop your own, unique voice on the instrument. Guiding you to develop your creativity, personality and connection with the instrument.

We live in an age of unparalleled access to information and we are witnessing an incredible upsurge in talented musicians, yet very few are making into the the fabled realm of guitar god. This book aims to help you, not only improve your playing, but how to be more effective in your practising and learning, as well as most importantly become the unique guitar god you are destined to be.

“I fully recommend this to any serious musician and will personally be teaching some of these concepts to my local guitar students. Thank you Neil for writing this great book” Joel Moesker

Guitar Teacher, Netherlands

On the radio

Very excited about being interviewed by Caroline Boyd on the radio show this evening, talking about all things creative, music, guitar and bookish on ALLFM 96.9 at around 5!! In particular, talking about the release of my new book Guitar Creativity | A new way of... read more

The music ‘business’ and lessons from resurgent TV

Just stumbled across this very interesting article highlighting how the now rapidly dying music business could learn lessons from TV which currently seems to be a resurgent form. If you think about it, the parallels are very similar, TV was loosing out to film and the... read more

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