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Manchester based guitarist, Neil is an in demand professional guitarist, composer, sound designer, producer/engineer and educator.

Throughout his varied career, Neil has bridged the gap between creativity and technology. As such, he is in continual demand for his skills and ability to make things happen.

Neil has been playing for over 30 years, has gigged around the world and has had his guitar playing featured on numerous recordings, TV and film and corporate jingles. He writes and films guitar lessons and gear reviews and has also published a book on creativity and guitar playing, entitled Guitar Creativity | A new way of thinking.

Neil has released several albums under the name ‘Light B4 Sound’, his music and sound design has been featured on numerous films, TV, computer games and other platforms.

Neil lectures at a number of Universities in the UK, provides masterclasses for various organisations and private tuition, in person or via Skype.

On the site you will find guitar lessons, gear reviews, and also inner reflection on the nature of what it is to be a creative.

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Performance and Sessions

Professional guitarist available for recording sessions, tours, dep gigs, online recording and band projects.

Tuition and Training

Looking for expert tuition from guitar playing, composing, sound design, music technology, creativity and confidence? More Info…


Providing bespoke music for Film, TV, Computer Games, Mobile Apps, Digital Content and much more. More Info…


Recording and Production

A recording engineer or producer for your music project.




Recent Blog Articles

10 ways to become a successful musician

ShareIt is the question we all want to know the answer too, and it is the one that tends to allude the majority of us. One of the things to consider when posing this question is, ‘what does the word successful mean to you?‘.  After you have taken some time to answer this question, this article provides you with, 10 ways to become a successful musician. What is success for me? In this great world of ours it could mean a multitude of things, and depending on what those things are depends on the way that you might want to approach answering the question. Well, from my perspective it is quite simple, it means, currently being able to support my current standard of living through earnings made from my own music related income streams. Now this might be very different for you, success might be owning a Ferrari, or playing Madison Square Gardens (obviously I wouldn’t mind those, but they don’t drive me on a day to day basis….although a Ferrari would obviously drive me….being a car…sorry terrible joke!). By utilising the positivity of Law of Attraction, then be just focusing in on your own set goals can help you realise them, yes this really can happen. (Click here for a great article on 12 Ways the Law of Attraction can change your life) Define your goals Once your have defined a goal, ambition or sentence of what success means to you, the following 10 suggestions of ways to success can really help you on your way to finding success. 1. Manage your expectations As I have just stated above, the first thing... read more

PRS taking legal action against Soundcloud over royalties

ShareSo it has finally happened, PRS for music is taking on the might of SoundCloud over streaming royalties. I just had an email from PRS drop into my inbox (see below) detailing the circumstances that have arisen and let to this legal course of action. Personally speaking I think that this is a big deal for the industry as a whole, and is coming at a time when people and artists are finally getting to grasps with the new music business income streams and realising that a lot of these tech companies are actually taking the mickey a bit when it comes to payments made to content creators (this isn’t exclusively a music industry problem I feel, but most of the creative arts). So it would seem that PRS for music is putting it’s money where it’s mouth is at and standing up for it’s members (I am a member I should add!) and trying to some extent to get it’s members what they are entitles to, which at the end of the day is just a fair deal. PRS for Music, what does it do? The way that PRS For Music works is by trying to make sure that any of it’s members are paid a royalties (for the song writer writing the material, and for the sound recording) when their music is played on radio, TV, public performance etc, this is one of the only ways a writer receives income from their work, so it is crucially important, especially in the days of self-publishing. It has been reported that Soundcloud has over 175 million unique listeners a... read more

Amanda-Rose Hill – A Father’s Love

ShareI am pleased to announced, for those of you whom asked, that Amanda-Rose Hill’s single ‘Father’s Love’, which I co-wrote and recorded the vocals for, can now be heard in full here…. Amanda-Rose Hill – A Father’s Love I am also pleased to announce today that our next song, which is called ‘I ain’t drunk’ has been mixed by Ultra Audio Productions in Nashville, and is currently awaiting mastering. As soon as it is ready I will post a link to it, this one is an uptempo rock and roll dance track, so very excited that it is nearly ready. Enjoy Peace Neil... read more

Guitar Creativity – A new way of thinking

This book doesn’t teach you or tell you how to play the guitar, it isn’t full of exercises or techniques. Instead, it is a holistic approach to helping you develop your own, unique voice on the instrument. Guiding you to develop your creativity, personality and connection with the instrument.

We live in an age of unparalleled access to information and we are witnessing an incredible upsurge in talented musicians, yet very few are making into the the fabled realm of guitar god. This book aims to help you, not only improve your playing, but how to be more effective in your practising and learning, as well as most importantly become the unique guitar god you are destined to be. FIND OUT MORE

“I fully recommend this to any serious musician and will personally be teaching some of these concepts to my local guitar students. Thank you Neil for writing this great book” Joel Moesker

Guitar Teacher, Netherlands

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“Through his recordings, Neil Spencer Bruce explores various influences including Brian Eno and Trent Reznor, synthesising the mood and tone of their music to create an individual sonic footprint.” Music Review Unsigned

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